Who are we

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Who are we

As a philanthropic service Amicus Trust SA enables donors to make informed decisions about their social investing, giving them the assurance that their donations will make a real impact and a measureable difference.

In the South Africa philanthropic environment there is a disturbing lack of vetted information about the impact and real effectiveness of charitable organisations. By making a concrete contribution in this regard Amicus Trust SA ensures that money donated are used more effectively and that a better quality of life becomes possible for many more South Africans.

Focus on skills development and job creation

Our first focus is to make a measurable difference with regards to skills development and job placement in the greater Stellenbosch and the area of the Cape Winelands.


Unemployment, with the poverty, exclusion, and other social ills it causes, is without doubt South Africa’s biggest crisis and challenge. Apart from a lack of economic growth, probably the biggest reason for this massive unemployment is the fact that many people are practically unemployable because they lack the relevant education and skills. Amicus Trust SA’s mission is to make a concrete and measurable difference in this regard.

First project

Our first project is to further improve the impact and effectiveness of three organisations that are already doing excellent work with regards to skills development and job placement in the greater Stellenbosch and the Cape Winelands. Each of these organisations have been vetted thoroughly and were chosen because of their good corporate governance, effectiveness and proven impact.

Amicus Trust SA supports these organisations financially and strategically, helping them to take their delivery and impact to a next level with regards to both the quality of their training and the amount of people who are helped to find jobs.

Information about each of these organisations can be downloaded here.

Your donation will make a real difference

All money donated will be used exclusively for training and job creation. Donations can be given in cash or as a donation of shares. Donations of shares are exempt of capital gains tax because Amicus Trust SA is also a registered Public Benefit Organisation (PBO).

To make a

  • donation in cash or
  • a donation of shares exempt from capital gains tax you can click here


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