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Skills Development and training

Greater Stellenbosch-area

Purpose and core business

Stellemploy has since 1995 successfully offered accredited skills training programmes for unemployed persons in the greater Stellenbosch-area. Jobless, but motivated persons are given the necessary skills to enable them to find employment and to permanently rise above the cycle of poverty into which they were born.

Programmes offered are (inter alia) carpentry, building skills, panel beating and spray painting, electrical work, plumbing, chef assistant and also full chef training.

Effective Governance

  • A knowledgeable Board represents different communities and are actively involved.
  • Annual Reports, Audited Financial Statements and Section 18A-status in place.
  • Small, but very effective infrastructure.
  • Training is done by external accredited facilitators and 100% of donations received are used for the skills training programmes.
  • At any given time the specific programmes offered are aligned with the needs of the industry and the job market.

Sustainability and risk management

  • Proven track record of sustainability for more than 20 years.
  • Long term sponsorship by Distell in place for the use of Stellemploy’s own, functional training facility.

Impact and success

  • From 1997 to 2014 a total of 3728 persons were placed in full time or part time jobs by the internal Placement Bureau
  • Up to 90% of persons trained find full time or part time jobs
  • The placement success for the 12 months chef certificate programme (which is accredited by the international accreditation agency, City & Guilds ) is almost 100%


  • The amount of skills training programmes that can be offered in any given year is wholly dependent upon the amount of donations received. With a bigger donation income stream more persons can receive the life changing training that Stellemploy offers.
  • R1,05m is necessary for the training planned for in 2016

For detailed information about the different programs offered and the cost per person click here

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