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Training and job creation

Cape Winelands

Purpose and core business

Pinotage Youth Development Academy (PYDA) aims to develop the capacity of unemployed, historically disadvantaged South Africans aged 18-25 who show potential and are self-motivated.

Through an intensive 12 months programme they are prepared for employment in the wine industry and related sectors such as tourism and hospitality. Students must have passed grade 12 and must reside in the Cape Winelands. The programme is unique in that a substantial part of the curriculum focusses on life skills and personal development. This enables the students to excel in any career and to make a meaningful difference in their communities.

Effective Governance

  • Active Board of professional people from South Africa and the UK ensures that the corporate management is of an exceptionally high standard.
  • Effective management resulted in the cost per student being lowered by almost 30% over a period of three years
  • Annual Reports, Audited Financial Statements and Section 18A-status in place
  • Overhead costs for at least the first five years are covered by the Dame Hillary Cropper Foundationin the UK.

Sustainability and risk management

  • The third group of 30 students successfully completed the programme in May 2016
  • Continuous renewing of the programs offered to meet changing circumstances
  • Realising the success of PYDA’s programme, the Fruit Industry requested that a training programme that specifically aims at the needs of this industry be offered. This programme started in November 2015

Impact and success

  • 100% of the first group of 24  students received employment and after 12 months 100% of them were still in their jobs
  • The qualification the students receive is accredited by Winetech.
  • A very thorough selection process is followed in order to secure success and a very high pass rate of 75% is set for each module and for the whole programme
  • In a survey 100% of the employers reported that their experience was that the students could integrate in the work programme immediately and that they were motivated and eager to learn.


  • Total budget for 2015 / 2016 is R2,7m
  • R44 000 sponsors the full training cost of a student for the whole 12 months
  • R19 200 covers the monthly allowance of one student for the whole year. An allowance is only given if the student complies with all the criteria for attendance and performance

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