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Gee terwyl jy (nog) lewe

Waarom gee terwyl jy (nog) lewe?

Wêreldwyd begin al meer welvarende persone ervaar dat “giving while living” vir hulle die satisfaksie gee om nog in hulle eie leeftyd te sien en ervaar hoedat hulle welvaart ‘n betekenisvolle verskil in mense se [...]

Atlantic Reports – Turning Passion into Action: Giving While Living

Click to download the PDF-document 'Atlantic Reports - Turning Passion into Action: Giving While Living'.

Giving While Living – a framework for personal pilanthropy

Mario Morino (Venture Pilanthropy Partners, March 2004) For anyone who is serious about their philanthropy, one of the biggest challenges is to figure out how best to deploy their charitable dollars. In the beginning, people often [...]

Philanthropists are paying more attention to how they give their money away

Philanthropists are paying more attention to how they give their money away: The Economist, May 26th 2005  ANDREW CARNEGIE would surely have approved of David Sainsbury. The supermarket tycoon turned politician is one of Britain's richest [...]

The Gospel of Wealth: Andrew Carnegie

The problem of our age is the proper administration of wealth, that the ties of brotherhood may still bind together the rich and poor in harmonious relationship. The conditions of human life have not [...]

Giving While Living – Chuck Feeney

Chuck Feeney on Giving While Living "I see little reason to delay giving when so much good can be achieved through supporting worthwhile causes today." -- Chuck Feeney, visionary philanthropist and founder of [...]

Warren Buffet – The Giving Pledge

In 2006, I made a commitment to gradually give all of my Berkshire Hathaway stock to philanthropic foundations. I couldn't be happier with that decision. Now, Bill and Melinda Gates and I are asking hundreds [...]

Dink hieroor voor jy gee

To save the world, don’t get a job at a charity; go work on Wall Street

William MacAskill (Author of “Doing Good Better – How effective altruism can help you make the world better”) Few people think of finance as an ethical career choice. Top undergraduates who want to “make a [...]

Top 10 Best Practices of Savvy Donors

Be Proactive In Your Giving Smart givers generally don't give reactively in a knee-jerk fashion. They don't respond to the first organization that appeals for help. They take the time to identify which causes [...]

Hoeveel en waarvoor gee Suid-Afrikaners

Hoeveel en waarvoor gee Suid-Afrikaners

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